The Complete Wealth Management Podcast

Complete Wealth Management Podcast

In the Complete Wealth Management podcast, Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President | Founding Partner of Prosperity Capital Advisors, invites top professionals to talk about investing, financial planning, protection planning, tax management, and estate planning. In addition to the money talk, Dave and his guests will have fun discussing lifestyle, travel, tech, and unique experiences to improve life!

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In this episode, Dave discusses the challenges of investing in 2022 as well as our market & economic outlook for 2023. He also discusses:

  • How the lingering impacts from Covid, geopolitical events, record surging 40-year high inflation, and an unprecedented interest rate hike by the Fed have impacted the stock & bond market.
  • What falling inflation means for Fed policy and interest rates.
  • Will the U.S. economy fall into a recession?
  • Could a Fed pause bring relief for stocks?

…and how your response to volatility matters now more than ever.