About Prosperity Capital Advisors

Our mission is to ensure advisors who work with us can strategically align every aspect of their clients’ financial lives into one well- coordinated plan. An SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA), Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA) is committed to holistic wealth management. Founded by a group of award-winning financial advisors and thought leaders, PCA was built as a platform for other financial professionals to give them access to advanced planning, capabilities, investments, processes, and training.

A Nationally Recognized Financial Firm

PCA offers not only support, but a depth of expertise for your advisor to tap into. We’ve always been dedicated to holistic offerings and have a solid reputation to prove it: in 2023, our firm was named one of the top 500 RIAs in the country by USA Today — as chosen out of more than 32,000 RIAs. Additionally, PCA was recognized by Financial Advisor Magazine as one of the top 500 RIAs in the country in 2022 and 2023.

A Broad Network of Skilled Professionals

PCA offers an experienced and skilled team behind the scenes supporting your advisor. We have CFP® professionals, CPAs, tax specialists, estate planning attorneys — anyone you may need to help get the job done — no matter how complex your financial situation may be. Prosperity Capital Advisors’ nationwide team works together with your advisor to help power your prosperity, giving you a clear path to have peace of mind in your financial decisions.

Holistic Wealth Management and Processes

At our core, we believe there are five pillars to holistic wealth management, that each add great value to the families our advisors serve. Together, financial planning, asset management, tax management, protection planning, and legacy planning contribute to your overall financial picture, and we work with your advisor to ensure they’re optimized.

The Bucket Plan®

The heart of our approach is a refined, proven process called The Bucket Plan®, which your advisor can use to help you understand and feel secure about your financial future. This process gained so much national recognition, that our best-selling book, The Bucket Plan: Protecting and Growing Your Assets for a Worry-Free Retirement, was named as a top 10 retirement planning book of 2023 by U.S. News & World Report.

Versatile & Tax-Efficient Investment Options

Prosperity Capital Advisors leverages its size and scale, while also being able to provide a specialized, boutique feel. That way, we can help your advisor deliver custom portfolios tailored to your unique needs and tax situations, all with a personalized feel. Our founders and Investment Committee curated investment options on our platform, Valor Capital Management, to help minimize the impact of taxes on investment returns and grow your wealth.

Powering Your Prosperity

As a fiduciary and affiliate of PCA, your advisor can spend their time providing unbiased recommendations and wealth management services in YOUR best interest, while we help take care of the rest. When an advisor works with us, not only do they have access to our wealth management platform, technologies, planning tools, and training, but they’ll also receive support from our team. We’re proud to leverage our reach in the financial services industry to help give you the best possible experience.

Award Disclosures: https://c2pe.info/467fVBZ