Simplifying the complex

The current United States tax code and revenue rulings are over 74,000 pages. Complexity is greater today than it has ever been, and the IRS isn’t very forgiving if you make mistakes.

Within those 74,000 pages, there are hundreds of ways to reduce or eliminate your current and future tax burden.

Most people only think of tax planning when it is time to write a check to the IRS, but at Prosperity Capital Advisors, our advisors know that tax planning is a year-round process. From putting a plan in place to fund estimated tax liabilities, to monitoring investment transactions so they don’t cause the wrong type of tax, to managing proper investment types to maximize after-tax returns, proper tax planning can add substantial wealth to you and your family over time.

Not all money is taxed the same

The ultra-wealthy have understood for decades that not all money is taxed the same, and those who understand the tax planning strategies available within today’s tax code can help maximize their income while minimizing the taxes they pay during their lifetime and that their beneficiaries could face upon their passing.

That was the driving force for Dave Alison and Professor Christopher P. Woehrle, JD, LL.M (Tax), when creating The Tax Management Journey. The Tax Management Journey is a systematic process engineered to not only reduce your taxation today, but into the future!

Christopher Woehrie
Christopher P. Woehrle, JD, LL.M

We do so through ongoing engagement of seven critical strategies of tax management and mitigation—not just today, but into the future. Advisors at Prosperity Capital Advisors have access to training by Dave Alison and Professor Christopher Woehrle to provide strategic tax planning.