What does it mean to be a planning-first RIA?

At Prosperity Capital Advisors, our overarching commitment is to support our affiliated advisors as they advise in the best interest of their clients. To do so, we provide turnkey financial planning processes, tools and support to our advisors that are product-agnostic to build a plan as the foundation for all investment advice prior to product selection, including:

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process:

A systematic approach to uncover and inventory assets, determine volatility tolerance and income needs and structure investments to help meet immediate, short- and long-term objectives, all while properly documenting and educating the client along the way.

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The Holistic Planning Process:

This expanded process works to build a coordinated and congruent financial plan that accounts for and incorporates all relevant areas of one’s financial life including investments, insurance, tax, estate, Social Security, retirement income and healthcare plans, to ensure each area is working in unison to reach the same objective.

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Financial Planning for a Fee:

A process for monetizing an advisor’s wisdom and additional financial advisory services above and beyond those that are investment advisory related. We train and empower advisors how to successfully implement planning fees to account for their planning time and value-add insight.

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