Holistic Planning Process

What Is A Holistic Plan?

Consider this:

  • Investment strategies are created to provide growth opportunity to help meet long-term needs
  • Insurance is designed to protect and prolong the assets clients have
  • Tax planning helps preserve money from unnecessary liabilities
  • Estate planning helps ensure that a surviving spouse is protected and your final wishes are honored

Traditionally, the approach within the financial services world has been segregated. Ultra-high net worth families receive holistic planning. They have a CPA or accountant, a broker or investment manager, an insurance agent, and an attorney. All of these professionals work together to create a plan on behalf of that high net worth family. Contrast that with the rest of America; they too work with these professionals, but they all operate in silos. There is little to no communication or interaction amongst these professionals on their clients’ behalf.

At Prosperity Capital Advisors, we believe it is essential for everyone to have access to a well-coordinated and holistic financial planning experience, and we have made it our mission to educate advisors on how to provide those services to American families coast to coast.

When working with Prosperity Capital Advisors, you will gain the insight, tools and resources necessary to develop well-orchestrated, holistic financial plans to help your clients reach their ultimate goals and objectives.

The Money Cycle

As a planning-first investment adviser, PCA believes that investors need to focus on creating and growing wealth through investing but, as they approach retirement, they also need to focus on preserving a portion of those investable assets. There are three phases to one’s financial life: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Money should be invested according to an investor’s individual market volatility tolerance and timeline to retirement. We refer to this as the Money Cycle. By preserving some of the accumulated assets as one approaches retirement and allocating them to more conservative portfolio models or other financial vehicles uncorrelated to market risk, a large swing in the market in the early years of retirement won’t have as significant an impact on income and lifestyle in retirement.


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